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The Poets' Republic

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The Poets' Republic magazine was founded in 2014 as a forum for poetry with a bite. Since then, we've produced eleven issues packed with poetry from across the world and in a range of languages, with an emphasis on promoting Scottish Gaelic. We're pleased to say we've published more quines than loons as part of our commitment to equality - a founding ethos of the magazine. We've hosted and staged numerous events across Scotland, including readings at the Edinburgh Fringe and the Edinburgh International Book Festival, and continue to act as a forum for the best contemporary radical poetry. We've always endeavoured to keep our prices as low as possible or we can manage without plunging into the red - and that will continue. Issue 12 of The Poets' Republic will be published in 2024 as a special edition with multiple launches across Scotland and in Ireland. Watch this space or look for us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

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