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Drunk Muse Press

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A great way to buy the best contemporary poetry at bargain prices. Simply subscribe for £10 via the book club link at our shop and we'll email a code to you. Apply the code each time you buy a book and you will automatically get 25% off the price. You'll also be signed up for our regular emailed newsletter keeping you up-to-date about our events, readings, publications and offers, as well as a brand new blog by poet and Drunk Muse Press editor Hugh McMillan.

Drunk Muse Press is run by poets for the benefit of poets. By joining our book club, you're supporting our work as an independent publisher to promote the best contemporary poetry by Scottish and international writers.


     COMING SOON . . . 'A Balcony Over a City Engulfed by War' - an urgent new volume of despatches, micro-stories and poems from Occupied Palestine by Dareen Tatour, written in response to the new Nakba (Catastrophe). Please visit our shop to pre-order and secure your copy. Also now available, 'I Sing From the Window of Exile', Creative Award Winner, Palestine Book Awards 2023.

Palestinian poet Dareen Tatour shot to worldwide attention when she was jailed by Israeli authorities in 2016 for the 'crime' of writing a poem titled 'Resist, my people, resist them'. Her experiences were chronicled in her memoir 'My Threatening Poem', published by Drunk Muse Press. Now, 'I Sing From the Window of Exile' - published again by Drunk Muse Press - brings her first collection of poems in English translation, alongside the original Arabic texts, and offers a comprehensive view of this brave and defiant poet.


About us


Drunk Muse Press was founded in late 2020 by Neil Young and Hugh McMillan, based in Scotland, and Jessamine O' Connor in Ireland. Julie McNeill also joined us as an editor in November 2023. Our purpose is to champion poetry that insists on wider attention  . . . by poets with a compelling way of expressing it. We aim to publish seven-eight new titles each year, a mixture of debut publications by emerging poets and new volumes by poets who catch our eye either here in Scotland, Ireland, England and Wales, or internationally. Currently, we publish books in two formats - around 50 pages and 80 pages. We're not prescriptive as to theme, form or style and always strive to work closely with our poets. All submissions should be sent by email to between March-July only (this is our reading window). Please do not send any submission via any other channels or contacts. Our publishing schedule runs from February-mid-September each year. In publishing terms, we go into hiatus from

September-February so that the editors can concentrate on their own writings. We also use this time to restock our catalogue and promote our existing line-up of poets and books. Please do not send submissions during this period.

A note on pre-orders: pre-orders are vital to helping us to cover upfront print and publication costs. Drunk Muse Press is run by poets for poets and we do this for love, not money, with the proceeds from each new book financing the next . Resources are tight, so we express our appreciation and thanks to all who pre-order our books - in doing so you are helping us to get the work of some of the best contemporary poets out there in the world.


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Please note: we are not accepting new submissions for 2023

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